October Free Family Events (Cleveland, OH)

Well, the fall is revving up, and so are the fall activities. As the world changes color, one of the greatest events is simply to get outside and enjoy God’s artwork. The Cleveland Metroparks offer a greatly appreciated, and yet greatly underused, journey into the colorful world (with or without paved trails :o). They also offer a variety of free events all around the area, from tapping maple trees, to events in the nature centers.

So let’s enjoy the fall. Here are a sampling of some of the events and opportunities around the Cleveland area:

Weekly Recurring Events

Monthly Recurring Events

Ongoing Events

Events for October

Some of those events do get filled up pretty quickly. Be sure to check whether the registration is still open before you plan your trip. Happy Awesome October in Cleveland!

September Free Family Events (Cleveland, OH)

As a father, I am excited to lead my family to know Christ and reflect him as a family as the Holy Spirit works in our lives to make us more like Himself. As a man, I know that I can be lazy and selfish, wanting to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. Any good is truly due to the Holy Spirit’s work in me.

Part of following Christ is to choose to flee from temptation (including the temptation to do my things, or just to rest, when I should be spending time investing in family and others).

One thing that can help is to get away from the house, and be able to focus on my family. These times away cut the distractions and make a great investment in family.

To that end, I am grateful for my amazing wife keeping track of the various (repeating) events we have enjoyed through the years. Here are some of the (free or very inexpensive) family events that are coming up in the Cleveland area in September. We may not be at all of them (some quiet, down time is also precious), but these are events that have blessed us that we will be considering for this month.

Ongoing Events

  • Library Events – See library listings near you (FREE)
  • Metropark Events – See the Metroparks event schedule, or just go take a walk in the woods or path or visit a nature center (Rocky River Nature Center has a lot to do, as do other nature centers)


Weekly Recurring Events


Monthly Recurring Events

  • 1st Saturday Home Depot Children’s Workshop (FREE w/ RSVP)
  • 2nd Sunday Cleveland Museum of Art Family Day (FREE)
    • Canceled in June for Parade the Circle (Wonderful FREE event)
  • 1st Wednesday Mad Scientists – Bay Village Library (Free w/ RSVP)
  • Chinese Story Times
  • Last Tuesday Volunteers of America half price day




  • Home Depot Children’s Workshop (1st Sat of each month) FREE w/ RSVP


  • Air show (Labor Day weekend) FREE to look at the sky, paid to go in
    • You can’t hide an air show!. Park nearby and look to the skies. (Especially for the Blue Angels precision flying team!)






  • Women/Children’s BSF 9:20am at Grace CMA FREE
  • Men/School Age BSF 6:55pm at Parma Heights Baptist Church FREE
    • Men’s BSF is usually on Monday night. This week only is on Tuesday for the first week of the new study.




  • young Explorers: Collage Art – Grades K-5 Berea library 10 a.m. FREE


  • Chinese church Chinese storytime 4 p.m. (every Saturday) FREE w/ RSVP




Perhaps we will see you with your family at one of these fun events!

Do you have another favorite event? Please share it in the comments below.

Called to Go, Willing to Stay: A Blessing Counting Journal (6)

5. Financial blessing
“You shall remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth,…” Deuteronomy 8:18

As much hard work as it has been, it is such a joy to know that God blessed us with a house debt free. He has enabled us to honor the no-debt rule for our family. I know this is not true for every family but we are grateful God has provided and protected us from debt as we have desired and obeyed His direction for our family only by the power of the Spirit and His Perfect provision. All credit goes to the Lord!

When we looked at our finances and how we would like our future home to be used for His Kingdom, it seemed impossible to make it a reality as we were doing house hunting. Everything was either out of our range of affordability or not the type of house we would like to own. We were so amazed (still are amazed) by the timing of God’s provision of this “cash buyer only” house. God used the house seeking period to prepare us to make a quick decision when needed. We greatly appreciate our home, though it needed a “complete rehab” (learn more about the house here).

In case you are in doubt: Yes, it is possible to buy a house with cash! I share this to give hope. We are by no standard rich in this world. I am a full-time mom and my husband works at a community college part time. We desire to work together as a family team for God’s Kingdom full time. We see every work God led us to, not just as means of financial support for the family needs, but also tools to expand His Kingdom. We are grateful God led us to homeschool, to various ministries, to teach ESL, to a home-based business,etc.. Our life is simple yet rich with much chaos in between. God has different plans and assignments for His children. The point is to use what we have to spread Good News  (Read more about Biblical Tentmaking).


DIY Home decor (Inspired by Kevin Leman’s “Home Court Advantage“)

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Budget Your Money… Free Yourself to Give, Save and Spend with Joy

Do ANY of the following sound appealing?
  • Having the freedom to give more!
  • Being able to spend without worry!
  • Having the ability to save more!
  • Having less stress!

Another question…

Which word best describes a budget?

A. Limits
B. Freedom

This post is being written to myself as much as anyone. Having a budget is not always fun and can seem limiting… at first, but once the budget is there (the fast part) and the habits are formed (the slow part), a budget is incredibly freeing! This is true for anyone, not matter their income (though some may notice the benefits more than others.

What about the rich?

The question you may be thinking is “What about the very rich? They don’t need a budget. They never run out of money.”

Since most people don’t consider themselves to be very rich, though if you are reading this in the U.S., you are in the richest 5% of the world, I will only address this briefly. While the rich may be able to spend and give without much worry (though they do worry), having a reasonable budget would free them to have the joy of giving more, even much more, instead of needing a large buffer to make sure they don’t spend too much. A budget, even setting self imposed spending limits also creates the fun of working towards something. I heard an interesting “fact” (I did look into it enough to be convinced it is true, but don’t know the exact statistics), that many pro-athletes end up filing for bankruptcy after they retire since they have gotten into social groups and a lifestyle of high spending and those lifestyle habits continue when the income is no longer there to match it.

So how about the rest of us?

Click here for a copy of our budget (cleared of our details) for you to use.
(Note: This budget has many different items listed. You likely won’t use all of them. We have combined the lists from several budget plans and added some of our own to have as complete of a list as possible, but you still may need to add more depending on how you spend your money.)
Example Budget (Quickly done, so the numbers may not seem reasonable)
Other Budgeting Help
  • Dave Ramsey (www.daveramsey.com) has great info about budgeting, getting rid of debt, etc.

Enjoy free books, movies, toys, events and more… Check out the Library!

Do you or your kids like to

  • read
  • watch movies or listen to music
  • play with games and toys
  • have events for all ages
  • take care of office work such as print, fax and scan
  • even do any of the preceding in a language other than English?
  • or can’t get out of the house and want to do most of the above?

and do it all for FREE?

If so, you may share, or learn to share, our love of the library.

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