February Free Family Events (Cleveland, OH)

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Chinese New Year is on the lunar calendar so moves around a bit on the western calendar (similar to Easter).

Thousands of years of celebrating a holiday can develop quite a few traditions, and the traditions do make the holiday something to look forward to and help with remembering the holiday and creating a feeling around the holiday. However, these same traditions can just become things to do.

This is true not only of the Chinese New Year, but of all areas of our life.

This month is also the month of love and Valentines day. If you celebrate this holiday, is it with excitement to express your appreciation for one you love, or is it to meet the social expectation of the holiday?

Do the traditions of Christmas & Resurrection Sunday (Easter) point you more firmly to Christ… or are they meaningless (though possibly fun) activities that take your time and focus away from Christ?

Traditions can be great reminders, but our family is constantly reminded that we need to remember what is important and why and use the traditions to keep us focused.

Whether you recognize Chinese New Year, or Valentines Day, or Groundhog Day or the Super Bowl…we need to remember that everything, every blessing, all love, the seasons, and our abilities all come from Christ and are for him alone.

With that said, here are some events that can just be events… or they can be meaningful times to focus on God and His creation. Enjoy!


  • Our post for January had some great events that are continuing through the winter. This post will focus on new activities for February.
  • The events listed here will reflect the ages of our children and our location in the South/West Suburbs. This is not an exhaustive list of events in the area.
  • Some events need registration (usually free), others are drop in events. Be sure to check the weblinks to get the details.

February Events

Other events that are not specific to this month

Ongoing Events (Some may have different schedules this month)


Weekly Recurring Events (Some may have different schedules this month)

Monthly Recurring Events (Some may have different schedules this month)

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