Team with 3rd Culture Living

This is not an individual effort. Walking with Christ is always within community. Whether through prayer, gathering, etc. the encouragement, accountability and challenge from other believers is necessary and good. We are excited to team together with you!

Here are some ways to connect and team together:

  1. Pray for us
    • Our own strength and efforts will fail. It is only by the power of God that anything will truly be accomplished. We covet your prayers.
  2. Subscribe to our Newsletter
    • This will help you to be informed to know how to pray for us and hopefully to be encouraged and challenged in your own walk with Christ.
  3. Subscribe to the Blog
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  4. Contact us
    • It would be great to hear from you so that we can mutually encourage one another.
  5. Join an Event
    • If you are in N/E Ohio, it would be great to have you join us for an event. Contact us for upcoming events.
  6. Tell a friend
    • If you find value in the blog, newsletter, events, etc. you can share with a friend.
  7. Shop through our site
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  8. Give Financially
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