Praying Scripture: Psalm 119:1-8 א ALEPH

This morning as I woke up, God put it on my heart to set aside my planned reading in Jeremiah and to write a prayer through a Psalm. I hadn’t realized that it was the 31st, when my Psalm reading for the day would be Psalm 119. (I often include Psalm 119 on months withContinue reading “Praying Scripture: Psalm 119:1-8 א ALEPH”

Rhyming Sermon Notes: Psalm 125

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-07-27Phillip AmosPsalm 125 (Series: Psalms) Relying exclusively on our powerful Lord,stable, unchanging forever adored. Jerusalem, an ancient fortress on high,set firm on the mountain may your springs not run dry. The walls all defended by lame and by blind,but David did conquer, the people did bind. In theContinue reading “Rhyming Sermon Notes: Psalm 125”

Highlights of Psalm 37 in light of today’s world

Have you noticed that the world seems to be changing at an increasing speed, where wrong is proudly celebrated as right, right is violently opposed, systems and powers are roaring for control while at the same time shaking and breaking?  Does all of this cause you to worry? Today is July 7th. In keeping withContinue reading “Highlights of Psalm 37 in light of today’s world”