Praying Scripture: Psalm 119:1-8 א ALEPH

This morning as I woke up, God put it on my heart to set aside my planned reading in Jeremiah and to write a prayer through a Psalm. I hadn’t realized that it was the 31st, when my Psalm reading for the day would be Psalm 119. (I often include Psalm 119 on months withContinue reading “Praying Scripture: Psalm 119:1-8 א ALEPH”

Praying Scripture: Psalm 33

Today is September 3, 2022, this makes our Psalm readings for the day Psalm 3, Psalm 33, Psalm 63, Psalm 93 & Psalm 123. (To turn that into an IQ test, what would the next Psalm be… if it existed?) Today’s readings come at a time when I have much on my mind and inContinue reading “Praying Scripture: Psalm 33”