Rhyming Sermon Notes: 2023 January

Whether just for my self, or my family, too.Rhyming notes helps me focus, and then help us review. If they bring you a blessing, a meaningful read.I pray that by Jesus, your spirit is freed. A free man in Christ, and his bond servant, too.By His grace, as his child, is our spirit made new!Continue reading “Rhyming Sermon Notes: 2023 January”

Rhyming Sermon Notes: Psalm 125

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-07-27Phillip AmosPsalm 125 (Series: Psalms) Relying exclusively on our powerful Lord,stable, unchanging forever adored. Jerusalem, an ancient fortress on high,set firm on the mountain may your springs not run dry. The walls all defended by lame and by blind,but David did conquer, the people did bind. In theContinue reading “Rhyming Sermon Notes: Psalm 125”