Rhyming Sermon Notes: 2023 January

Whether just for my self, or my family, too.
Rhyming notes helps me focus, and then help us review.

If they bring you a blessing, a meaningful read.
I pray that by Jesus, your spirit is freed.

A free man in Christ, and his bond servant, too.
By His grace, as his child, is our spirit made new!

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! Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2023-01-01
Dave Howard
Genesis 50:22-26

The brothers fear of Joseph’s wrath
For all the things they’ve done.
Joseph fears God and points to him,
He is the Sovereign One.

God meant for good all that transpired
What has God used for good in your life?
All things from him and by his power
All for good even in the strife.

Joseph never complains though hardships he faced
He trusts God’s sovereign love
He provides for his brothers
Representing God above.

Spiritual maturity
trusts that all God’s plans are best.
As we grow in him, we grow in faith,
And see all our ways as blessed.

God brought the brothers to face their sin
to confront this guilt they had
God brings them to repentance
to be set free and to be glad.

The necessity of forgiveness
reflects God’s work in us.
Man’s evil can be used by God
we need to learn to trust.

Joseph as a type of Christ
right here in verses 22 through 26
Joseph like Christ uses revelation
to reduce fear for those who will accept it.

Though the brothers fear he points to God
God planned this to save many lives
Therefore do not be afraid,
God protected all their tribes.

Jesus points to the house that he prepares
and tells them not to fear
The Holy Spirit will come to them
His voice you will certainly hear.

The Holy Spirit convicts of sin
renews us and he guides
Joseph’s brothers didn’t have the Spirit
Had to hold to the Word and abide.

Today we have the Word
and the Holy Spirit.
But many today rejected this word
They just don’t want to hear it.

Revelation alone does not calm the soul
only revelation received.
We may have a troubled soul.
Have we God’s Word believed?

Joseph’s compassion points to Christ.
He provides for their children as well.
He doesn’t just forgive their sin.
He provides for their families and tell.

Jesus feeds the crowds,
and freely gives salvation.
He heals and raises from the dead.
This gives the Word validation.

Jesus spoke kindly to the people
in truth and full of love.
To some spoke words of life
to others of coming judgment from above.

Jesus acts in love
weeping over death and sin.
Joseph wept over his brothers.
When he saw them again.

If we reject the revelation of God
we will stop to see.
Conviction and direction will cease
on our own we will be

!! Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2023-01-01
Pastor Dean Good

Last week we saw how God has ceased
to add to his Word.
Even in the Old Testament
His direct word was rarely heard.

Today everyone talks of hearing God
How God led them to that or this.
Biblically hearing a word or receiving a sign
Doesn’t prove it’s from God, that it’s his.

Everything coming together falling into place.
Doesn’t mean that it’s from God’s hand.
Throughout God’s word he states and confirms.
He leads us with a shepherd’s hand.

Lord teach me your way, show me your path
For your name’s sake my path to guide.
Unbelievers may want to have blessing from God
but not to follow and in him hide.

Psalm 32, principles for how God leads,
though there are other ways.
This leading refers to him as a shepherd we know
Not just the Great Sovereign over all men’s days.

The blessing of being forgiven,
Linked with Psalm 51
God’s forgiveness and blessing
His leading and protection is his great one.

In verse 8, God will instruct and teach us,
Instruct us with God’s eye upon.
Who God leads in verse one to seven
Those who have been forgiven, sin justified and gone.

He leads those who have repented,
in verse three to five.
When in sin, God’s hand heavy upon him
In repentance he came alive.

Seek the Lord when he may be found.
When death and trials come
The heart is usually so hard
We don’t turn to the Son.

People don’t want to turn to God.
They just want to feel good, know all’s okay.
The only one with a soul okay, forgiven,
repented with God as his refuge today.

Verses eight and nine, I will lead you
don’t be like a mule.
Instruct… Teach… Counsel
by my word be made whole.

I will “instruct” you.
Be prudent, insight, circumspect.
This speaks to the mind
Focusing on the intellect.

God promises to give understanding
Know the truth in his word.
We can only give explanation
The Holy Spirit can give understanding of what is heard.

His understanding related to repentance.
James 1:21 put aside wickedness and understand.
I’ll teach you (the word Torah)
To “shoot”: to point out the way and send.

“I will counsel you with my eye up on you”
Using wisdom in the situations we face.
God will counsel you with his omniscience
With God there is no risk, not a trace.

God gives his care, his pity.
His eye watching to protect.
God all knowing, all caring
Why would we his counsel reject?

God’s children taught by the Word of God.
Delighting in His Word, him to know.
That person God will lead.
Not by signs. His Word shows us where to go.

Don’t just seek his direction.
Focus on knowing and obeying him.
We on our own are ignorant
We are blinded by our sin.

His leading may be through pain.
Sorrow and trouble on the path.
Don’t be stubborn, just follow him.
We’re children of Grace, and not of wrath.

Be humble before the Lord
Be rich, poor, pain, confort, lost
When we’re led by God
Blessings, Righteousness, Joy and Rest.

God is our refuge
our rock, our comfort, our life
God will lead his people
As we seek him all through life.

!! Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2023-01-04
Daniel Pierre
Psalm 144 (Series: Psalms)

Provision, Protection, and Nearness of God
War, Rescue, Peace on the farm.
Images invite us into the Psalm
Protection, Rock, Shield in the war.

Psalm 18 a similar Psalm
When David in danger before
Focus on God, his power and shield
Rather than fear to adore.

Men quickly come and go.
A shadow just passing away.
Our lives are as nothing, then gone like a breath.
Why does our God care for us today?

The Lord lowers himself, condescends.
Mountains shake, lightning comes down.
Rescue from waters, the waves breaking forth
like with Moses when God led his people around.

Beautiful music, a harp of 10 strings
Like David worshiped at the feet of the Lord.
We give God our best, all that we have
with our words and our works him adore.

Flowers in bloom, Harvest prepared
When God is the God of our lives.
We will be blessed when our heart is for him
in the land and the battle he’s our pride.

He is our God, his people we are.
The blessings are for us as well.
We were far off, brought near by his blood.
In his household, his Spirit has fell.

! Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2023-01-08
Dave Howard
Genesis 50:24-26

At the death of Jacob,
looked to the promised land.
But the brothers lived in fear.
What might come from Joseph’s hand?

Joseph points to God
The One always in control
He is using evil for good
This truth he must extol.

Joseph will provide for them
and their little ones.
He spoke kindly in truth and tone
Had compassion for all Jacob’s sons.

Joseph is a type,
the ruler of the land.
Christ truly in the “place of God”
Authority in his right hand.

Jesus spoke with authority
“But I say to you…”
Jesus the Son of God
His words and judgments, they are true.

Jesus became poor
that we may be made rich.
Joseph became poor,
An imprisoned slave locked in a ditch.

The brothers bow to Joseph,
before they know and when they do.
All will bow to Jesus.
“Every knee” it is true.

“Abraham, Issac, Jacob”
The first time this phrase is seen.
From here the family grows and spreads.
Joseph’s insights are very keen.

Joseph lived to age one ten.
His job, preserve life, was done.
The Lord not yet called the people out.
God will surely care for each one.

Joseph calls them his “brothers”.
Then, “sons of Israel”
God will bring them to the Land
To take up his bones he does tell.

Joseph stayed in Egypt
Where God called him to be.
He had children and grandchildren.
In this passage that’s all we see.

The people multiply in Egypt.
Pharoah and the people scared.
The babies faster than the midwives,
Joseph saw his grandchildren, as he cared.

Joseph’s first two sons
The sons of Israel.
Promised to take up his bones
to age one hundred and ten his faith was real.

The last words that Joseph spoke
in verse twenty four and twenty five.
He does not share his deads or fears,
but focuses on God who keeps alive.

The Lord will keep his promise.
Joseph knows he always does.
To Araham this was promised
God will keep his word, he must.

I’m about to die.
God will take care of you.
He will visit and come down
in judgment, and salvation true.

God will bring you up
from slavery to freedom in the Land.
You will bring up my bones
Not buried, but in an embalmed casket stand.

! Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2023-01-08
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:12-19

We are passing through.
This world is not our home.
What does it mean to follow Christ?
to follow in his sufferings, with our eyes on his throne.

Believers already suffering
with more suffering to come.
Peter writes to support, encourage
This testing from God, through the devil come.

These situations are extreme
we’re not of this world, just passing through
They should be expected.
That’s what the world will do.

1. The expectation of suffering for the name of Christ
2. The temptation to be overwhelmed
3. Instruction for those who are suffering for the name of Christ

The expectation of suffering for the name of Christ.
Common around the world today.
Even here if we’re truly faithful
Like Christ we’ll be rejected in what they do and say.

Jesus, hated for his teaching.
All are evil, full of sin.
Everyone needs to repent.
This teaching caused hatred to begin.

“Jesus born of fornication, a drunk with ungodly friends”
They maligned him with accusatory words.
They refused to acknowledge their sin
and turn, repent once they had heard.

Repentance is the problem
We need to confess we’re evil, full of sin.
They slandered and tried to trap him
To test him, cause him to sin.

The world  wants us to stumble.
To show that we’re a fool.
They will try to trap us.
Trust in him to see us through.

They plotted against his life.
Then put him on a cross.
If we are faithful to the truth.
We can expect this same type of loss.

The world it hated Christ.
If they hated him, they will hate us.
Blessed are you when men hate you, in Luke 6:22.
In all this we need to trust.

All the early believers
and the life of Paul.
Demonstrate this suffering.
We will face it all.

The temptation to be overwhelmed
We need not be surprised.
Trial intense and personal
We’re in it, The trial has rised.

The trial brings true threat.
The trial it is strange.
We can tend to be angry, overwhelmed.
The trial’s ultimately by God arranged.

The seeds scattered on the path
some upon the rocks
quickly grow, follow Christ
but with persecution their faith rocks.

Even for the true believers
tempted to be overwhelmed.
We need to expect, embrace it
Know Jesus is at the helm

How does a believer deal with suffering,
for it shall surely come?
Our hope it is eternal.
Follow the example of the Son.

Perhaps a neighbor scoffing.
Perhaps prison on the way.
How do we respond to suffering?
Rejoice, Glorify God, Entrust yourself to him today.

If you don’t do these things
you’ll be bitter, angry, scared.
When we respond in faith
We will see his glory and how he cared.

!! Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2023-01-11
TJ vanWingerden
Psalm 145 (Series: Psalms)

A Psalm of Praise from David
145 to 150 the last Hallel
David, and experienced Psalmist
The praise of God to tell.

An alphabetic Psalm
each line from A to Z.
The Psalm is clear, a Psalm of Praise
To praise the king of kings.

Repent three times a day.
Twice at morning, once at night.
The outline hard to agree.
Tonight four parts to see.

Psalmist devotes himself to praise
People likewise do.
Creation devoted to praise
The Psalmist praising what is true.

Is God the king of your life?
The ruler of all you do?
Why is the king worthy of praise?
Greatness unsearchable through and through.

His greatness we cannot comprehend.
So beyond us, a source of praise.
His mighty acts we proclaim.
From generation to generation raise.

Israel’s Shamah, know the word
pass it along, the lost be reached.
Declare it forth in the world
God’s Word and greatness preach.

Naturally pass it along
as we see God’s hand in power.
Repeated verses and themes.
He’s good and righteous at every hour.

All work together for good
work for the children’s growth.
All creation works for God
his mercies in man and creation, both.

The Lord is near to all
who call on him in truth.
When we come to prayer
do we come in power and truth.

God promises to guard
his children on the way.
The Psalmist confirms his heart to praise.
Confess  and praise the Lord today.

! Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2023-01-15
Chris Pierre
Exodus Introduction

Exodus, the second book
of the Pentatuke
“Shimoth” the first word
“These are the names”, come take a look

Exodus. “Departure”
“outgoing” from here to there.
God promised this through Joseph
had his bones moved there with care.

Joseph on his death bed
said that God would take care
He’d bring them up from Egypt
Bring them from here to there.

Hebrews 11:22,
Joseph when he was dying, by faith points to this day.
He believed as already done.
He trusted what God did say.

Exodus continues Genesis
Going in and going out
Then through the five books of Torah
a faithful declaration, made sight as Joseph did shout.

The Torah written by Moses.
Evidenced in Exodus and all the Bible.
Moses told to write Exodus ____ and _____
To quote him is not liable.

“The Book of the Law of Moses”
How these books are often called.
God’s testimonies, law, and precepts.
In “The Book of Moses” was installed.

Jesus was later circumcised
according to the Word of God
as written in “the Law of Moses”
It’s not interpreting shipshod.

The Exodus took place about 1445BC.
Written in the 15th Century
After God called him
After he was called at age 80.

The themes of the book
not literary devices
Foundational, Fundamental Truth

“Man shall live by the Word of God”
to long for and take it in.
Seek it for my good.
Live by this faith and win.

God spoke and all things were.
Creation, Animals, and Man
God prepared a place and put Adam there
Gave them His Word, gave them freedom, not demands.

2. The people believed a lie.
They followed their eyes and flesh.
Their eyes were then opened.
They saw nakedness, sin, and death.

3. Leaving the place of blessing
into continued death.
With the hope they can return
back with him to live afresh.

Man now perpetual wanderers.
Seeking blessing, a place of rest.
Only to find it leaves them empty
Only in God is the place that’s best.

Once again have life in God
the place of blessing, Life.
This journey true today.
He’s the answer for the strife.

We now live with the promise.
If our human tent torn down.
With God, believers have another.
Clothed with a white gown.

4. God’s covenant promises
Salvation of mankind renewed.
A living hope in life
Their shame through blood endued.

The sacrificial system
How God pointed to the way back
Not because they’re worthy
But due to his grace, though they all lacked.

The glory and the power
The salvation will be revealed.
In God’s work among his people.
God’s promises seen fulfilled.

These promises were not earned.
God promised and did it all.
God worked it in the impossible.
When Abraham was old, ready to fall.

God took Abram to see the stars
when he felt old and no way to grow
God showed him the promise.
This promise his descendants did know.

When time to enter the Land of Promise
They could not go in
Those who had faith could finally enter
Moses sent to warn and deliver them from sin.

Declaration of faith, in Genesis 15:24
God will take care and bring you up
You’ll be slaves 400 years
God always keeps his promises, we can look them up.

This can be hard to believe
in the heart of the battle.
We see God work again and again.
God is driving in the saddle.

We live in a foreign land
in oppression, in a battle.
Do I rejoice in him?
or do my heart and knees both rattle?

Do I trust Jesus in faith?
Know the power of the indwelling Spirit.
Do I believe God will take care of me?
Am I able to hear it?

This faith is not in us.
It’s only in the author.
We need the teaching of his word
and fellowship with each other.

We can ask for wisdom
God promises to give.
God will take care of me,
As long as I in Him live.

! Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2023-01-15
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:12-19

When we believe God’s Word
He writes it on our hearts
That it may govern all my life
That love will grow and start.

This contrary to the world
That delights itself in lies.
All playing roles in the play of life
Mocking truth, to destroy it try.

You will conflict with the world
Persecution will come
Words or attacks or even death
You’re beating a different drum.

Three main imperatives in this passage
When responding to the world
Rejoice in him, Glorify, Entrust your soul to him

Do not be surprised, but do keep on rejoicing.
“Beloved do not be surprised”

1. What we should not be surprised at
2. Why we might be tempted to be surprised
3. Why we should not be surprised.

Do not be surprised,
thinking this is odd.
The fiery ordeal is normal to come
When we stand for truth, for God.

We tend to be surprised
When this happens to us
The refining will come in fire
When Christ we follow and trust.

Why might we be tempted
to be surprised, when trials show.
We may mourn, but can trust in him.
He will walk us through.

When we live a godly way
with honesty and work
We expect blessing, it often comes,
then trials we think we’ll shirk.

But when we teach the truth.
Undeserved trials come.
Suddenly they may occur
From God’s hand they may come from.

It may seem unexpected
or suddenly, in our way.
God works it for our good.
If we’re his, trust and obey today.

We should not be surprised.
The world will reject Christ.
“Good teacher” is okay
but “Lord” will start the fight.

As we share in the sufferings of Christ,
we will suffer like him.
As we teach and reflect the truth
we expose the world’s sin.

The wicked always hate the righteous
His righteousness not ours.
This is not trying and doing better
but being washed and cleansed, our sin taken afar.

2. Another reason to not be surprised
we still need refining.
God uses these lessons to bring us home.
Refined, and before him shining.

How much do I know?
What is truly best?
I don’t know me, the future, his ways.
I need to in him rest.

Hebrews 12:11
all discipline brings pain
but afterward brings fruit and peace
and righteousness in his name.

When we know the truth of his word
That his ways and plans are best.
We can rest in him,
knowing we are blessed.

3. Testing demonstrates our faith
When we persevere in him
We see that he will see us through
And deepens our faith again.

Our faith demonstrated to the world
and even to ourselves.
Demonstrated to angels and demons
perseverance of our faith tells.

4. We’re tested because of his love.
He chastens those he loves.
God is so good even when
evil does what it does.

!! Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2023-01-18
Phil Amos
Psalm 146(Series: Psalms)

Praise to the Lord, I’ll praise the Lord
No matter what may come.
Not trusting princes, mortal man
His days have a limited sum.

Our dependance cannot be on man
His power and resources end.
Trust in God who made it all
With justice and provision to send.

Two kinds of people in the Psalms
The wicked and the righteous ones.
One will stand and one will fall
When all is said and done.

! The Church in Cleveland (Chinese Church), 2023-01-22
Written while listening to the sermon in Chinese.

If you can’t love your neighbor
How can you love your God
When I pray for my brother
I’m led to love and with him trod.

If we do obey him
to follow in his way
He will cover us with his love
and go with us day by day.

For those who follow and obey me
The Father will also love
And dwell with us forever
with his presence from above.

How do we know he loves us?
Jesus died on the cross.
When I don’t want to follow him
Can I count this world a loss?

Following him is not hard labor
He is with us on the way.
If we know his love
we delight in him and his way.

NEW SPEAKER – The first speaker sat down and a new speaker started (a different talk)

The wife goes to the brother
she passed on seven times
The Pharisees did test him
Point to God and love, not to their tries.

No matter what may come
I’m to love the Lord our God
the most important relationship
All for him heart, soul, and bod.

Say it, Sing it, Write it
to express our love
We want to know another’s
to give and receive love.

! Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2023-01-25
Nathaniel Lauer
Psalm 147 (Series: Psalms)

Praise to the Lord and say why
The things the Lord has done.
No author given so people guess
Ezra, Nehemiah or David from?

Praise the Lord for it is good
to sing praises to our God.
It is pleasant, a delight
For us to praise each day ???

The Lord restores and the Lord builds
The people scattered, God brings them back.
The Lord bruises and binds up
With him we have no lack

The Lord knows all the stars.
He calls them all by name.
We from dust to dust.
Count on the Lord, not horse and or frame.

Praise the Lord “Hesed”.
He strengthens the doors and gates.
He makes peace on the Land.
Satisfies with bread and dates.

The Lord sends out his Word
Pure, Proven to the earth
Scatters snow like wool.
And frost like ashes. ???

He is God in cold or warm
No matter the situation.
He sends commands, decrees to Jacob
To his people gives Revelation.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2023-01-29
Chris Pierre
Exodus 1:8-10

(These rhymes don’t have the best rhythm.)

“God’s covenant people a concern to Egypt”
But the focus always on the Lord.
Joseph summarized the promise, God will care for and bring you up.
Follow him and his name adore.

When the people came, the Egyptians welcomed in.
Now the people afraid and opposed.
The covenant son forgotten, Joseph’s name is gone
The new kings unnamed, but some suppose.

Possibly from the Hyksos dynasty, foreign invaders in the Land.
or the new Pharaohs after the Hyksos, Ramses and his son.
The government kept changing, instability was the norm.
The kingdom up and down and battles lost and won.

The new king is not the focus, but that Joseph he did not know.
No knowledge of his person, who he was.
The Israelites knew of Joseph, they had bones all set to go
So the new king did what a tyrant does.

The new king had no knowledge of his practice, what Joseph said and did.
How he reigned and ruled, saved life, and provided for all.
He had no knowledge of the people, the family of “the man”
That God was with them, delivering them from the fall.

This new king had no knowledge of the promises that were made
That God would provide, protect and lead them out.
As a spiritual son of Abraham, we are in the promise of the Son
From this world to his kingdom he will call with a shout.

We are living as aliens and strangers from a heavenly home.
The world and rules don’t know  who Christ is or what he did.
They don’t know that he is righteous, and the judgment and lifie revealed
That he’s the prince that will rule over all, when they place their bid.

B. The new kings observation of the blessings of the covenant people
They saw the Israelites more and mightier than they.
He observed that they were more, a “great nation” they had become
But the king saw they were more than the Egyptians, they may not obey.

More numbers means more power, they were mighty in the Land.
The king led the Egyptians to hate and be afraid.
Instead of embracing as friends, they set themselves in opposition.
While the Israelites weren’t enemies, their plans to leave were laid.

When you oppose God’s chosen people, you oppose their God.
God will protect them with his right hand.
The new king changed the view of the Israelites from blessing to a threat.
And against this mighty people they would stand.

The new king observed that they are leaving, not that they would destroy.
The sons of Israel were content just as they were.
It is Israel that brought Egypt power, so they wanted them to stay.
Joseph’s promises that God would bring them out were set and sure.

The departure of the sons of Israel come with judgement it was said.
God promised to Abraham to judge the nation that kept them there.
God would judge the people and give their wealth and power.
When the people left this promise they would share.

The world doesn’t follow, but they see you living holy in the world.
They see the blessing that God brings when you are there.
They see the Psalm One life, the delight is in the Lord’s law.
That we are living by God’s protection, provision and his care.

The wicked are not so, in judgment they will not stand.
The plagues of Egypt will seem as nothing on that day.
The world sees you don’t live like them, and your name they will malign
But God will judge them on that day for sin they’ll pay.

C. Shrewd dealing with the covenant people, A plan for what do to
Part one: confront, deal shrewdly with them in the land
Two kinds of wisdom, ineffectual, but wise men in the world.
and effectual, God’s wisdom by which we stand.

Fleshly wisdom, pushes hard against the Lord, his people and his truth.
Christ the power and wisdom come from God.
Instead of following true wisdom, he attacks God’s wisdom and plan.
they are on the path to destruction, he’ll on them trod.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2023-01-29
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:14-16

Nobody likes to be reviled, Lincoln and James Shield. Attacks and accusations, these will surely come.
Fiery trials will come upon us, Follow, Glorify God, and Trust. Do not be ashamed, but glorify God through the son.

When, Why, and How we are to glorify God? If you are reviled, glory unto him.
Their trial probably not facing death, but their hope it could still dim.

Not just being slandered, but slandered for following Christ. When we preach the gospel, a reaction will come from them.
Anger, attacks frustration, when their error is exposed. The truth brings a response again and again.

I don’t watch that. Do that. Go there. We need to follow Christ.
When reviling comes from the world, We have joy and we rejoice.

Jesus on the cross, hanging on a tree.
The mocking, accusations came, he trusted God and set us free.

When you are reviled for the name of Christ don’t defend, fight, and revile.
Have joy in the trial, live only for God’s smile

Don’t live as a law breaker, taking a dog by the ears.
Don’t be a meddler, guard your mouth and ears.

When standing for the truth, our responsibility we may not known.
Pray and ask the Lord, not as a meddler or just for show.

We explain and walk in truth, but we can’t change every life.
God will change people’s hearts, though they give us strife.

Don’t be a troublesome meddler, this does not with glory come.
Do what is right, the race by his strength run.

If you suffer as a Christian, you need not be ashamed.
Antiach, their base, first called “Christian” as they were blamed.

Why to glorify God? Clear evidence we are blessed.
Not so much to be “happy”, in our Savior rest.

Though in hard situations, we give glory to our Lord
“The spirit of God rests on you”, but his power He’s adored.

The “Spirit of Glory” does rest on you.
Like the glory cloud with Moses, he will see you through.

The world’s rejection of you is evidence of God’s work in you.
If you love the world, it will love you too.

How to glorify God? Do not be ashamed.
Do not be discouraged, depressed, and complain.

If the world’s against you, don’t complain, a martyr become.
But glorify God, knowing this is from him, to contentment run.

The truth will always come out, now or in the end.
Be content in the blessing, or the trials he may send.

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