Sourdough Part 4: From Dough to Bread

How does this sourdough starter become bread? If you’ve ever made bread with factory yeast, this will have similarities and differences. The biggest difference is time.  With factory yeast, when you mix the yeast with warm water it is activated. You then have about three hours to use it before it is fizzled out andContinue reading “Sourdough Part 4: From Dough to Bread”

Sourdough Part 3: Starting & Feeding

How do you make sourdough starter? As mentioned above, you can start from scratch with just flour and water. You CAN do this, but for most people, I recommend just finding a friend who already has a strong sourdough starter and ask for a bit of theirs (about 100g will do). This is much easierContinue reading “Sourdough Part 3: Starting & Feeding”

Sourdough Part 2: Our Journey & Benefits

How we got started As you may know, Elyse is Chinese and we met while I was living in China for 10 years. Bread is not very common in China, so everything was learned started a few years ago when we came to the U.S. If we can do it… you can do it! AtContinue reading “Sourdough Part 2: Our Journey & Benefits”

Sourdough Part 1: What is it? & Fermentation

Fermentation and an unseen army The past two years have been our family’s years of fermentation (both with learning, as discussed below, and in taking time to develop and grow our own family culture). It has been amazing to better understand the tiny world God created of good and bad bacteria, yeasts, and other microbesContinue reading “Sourdough Part 1: What is it? & Fermentation”