Rhyming Sermon Notes: 2022 December

While I may be the only one reading these (that’s fine, and a good review for me), my prayer is that for anyone reading it could point to Christ, and perhaps be a good sermon review if you were there.

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Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-12-04
Pastor Dean Good
??? Passage

People are in darkness, Who God is, what He is like.
They may not pick up a Bible, but interact with his people, a light

We are a light in the world, pointing people to God in Christ.
Our purpose is intentional, With the light of Christ we fight.

Daniel with the Lions, Darius the Mede.
“Your God who you constantly serve”, Your time with him you need.

Early the next morning, the king arose to check.
“Has the God you constantly serve, saved your life, spared your neck?”

Darius proclaimed, all over the land
That everyone should worship God. This was his demand.

This doesn’t mean that all worshiped, But because of Daniel’s light
the name of God was proclaimed, To all the world made bright.

We are called to serve, even as Christ served.
For the Glory of God in all things, from this to not swerve.

the Purpose, Nature, Acceptance, and Significance of our service.
the purpose is to serve God, for ???

Other reasons people serve, they are many though not true.
Think if they’re good, they earn their way, their works will see them through.

To ease a guilty conscience, something from their past.
To cover sin, and look good, not be held accountable at last.

To make a name for themselves, held up as an example
To gain a following, have influence over the people.

Some are to overthrow Christ, to replace him as the focus.
The true Christian is for God’s glory, in all things he is the focus.

Darius’ decree exalted God, not pointing to Daniel’s power
Daniel’s God lifted high, in this unlikely hour.

The attributes of God, the almighty, patient, loving One
His people proclaim his excellencies, this service never done.

In the common things of life, the little things we do.
When done for God’s glory, turn them to gold that’s true.

The nature of our service, What kind of service is it?
It’s not just being sincere, but doing what he demands ???

Using the gift he’s given, serving one another.
Focused on God’s word, by the strength of God, in fear of him, for and from no other.

This service is from him, the power from him comes.
Otherwise for our own purpose, ???

The acceptance of our service, done through Jesus Christ.
All acceptable service to God, is through Christ in life.

Only through Christ, are we even able to serve.
He gives life and empowers to serve, from this he doesn’t swerve.

The reason you have life, hope, forgiveness everything
is through Christ in the faith he’s given, the joy can make us sing.

Jesus sends the Holy Spirit, when he has gone away.
He intercedes before the Father, day after day after day.

1 Peter 2:5, we are being built up to serve through Jesus Christ alone
We come to God, only through Christ, our service and works do not atone

To come to the temple, they brought a sacrifice.
The priest offered it to God, to cover sin’s great price.

Our service doesn’t make us acceptable to God
It’s only accepted by God’s mercy ???

The significance of our service, to God’s glory alone.
No glory or credit put on us, all glory to the One who did atone.

Satan wanted the glory, the power was all for God.
When our heart is changed, we long for him, his glory ???

When you serve for God, everything you do
has great significance, and meaning that is true.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-12-07
Kevin Williamson

Psalm 142 (Series: Psalms)

David, a warrior, respected by men
Crying out to the Lord
Pours out his complaint, full of sorrow and fear
declaring his trouble to the Lord

Overwhelmed with anger, depression, despair
Easy to lash out or hide
You knew my path, tested by the Lord
With the Lord to always abide.

A trap has been spread, on the path that I walk
May they be caught in their own snares.
Look at my right hand, the place of my strength.
It is empty, no one with me shares.

I cry out to the Lord, my refuge and portion
on this earth as long as I live.
Attend to my cry, for I am brought very low
in the peace of depending on God to give.

Deliver me from my persecutors
for they are too strong for me.
Bring me out of prison
that I may give thanks to your name.

The righteous will surround me
Together rejoice
for with me you will deal bountifully.

! Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2022-12-11
Dean Good
Membership Class: Salvation Part 2

The plan of salvation, we need saved from our sin
death and condemnation, bring new life again

We need God’s full atonement, through the Lord Jesus Christ.
On the cross he accomplished, without it we’d be lost

How then are we saved? It is not everyone.
Bring saved, past, present, future. Some still happening, some is done.

Elected by God, in eternity past
Still working my salvation while in this world I last.

Will be saved in the future, when I die or when he comes.
Chosen, sanctified, saved from him it is all done.

Regeneration done by God, Given a new heart.
The life of pleasing, seeking God is given a new start.

Justification is legal, not inside of you.
Being declared righteous, based on the work that Christ did do.

What does it look like when you are justified?
Faith and repentance as God your heart does guide.

Faith and repentance, different but together.
The aspects of true life, God did forever tether.

John 1:12 born of God = believe
Acts 13:48 believe the Word in Christ, receive.

Romans 3:28 by faith, not works of the law.
Hebrews 11:1 and 6 without faith can’t please God at all.

“Faith” is not an empty wish, not its own positive force.
“Faith” is believing God through all, better, and worse.

Abraham the common example, believed and went away
He believed and heeded. Abraham by faith obeyed.

Faith has at least three things: knowledge, belief and trust from you.
It’s not just knowing the Word. It’s knowing that it’s true, and trusting him to do.

Get in the wheelbarrow, do I really trust?
Faith will be tested, live for him I must.

True faith casts itself upon the Lord, so they will not turn back.
Whether with others or alone, faith lives for God and will not slack.

Our faith it is not perfect, but truly does believe.
Through the word of God, we trust in Christ, receive.

Eve believed the lie, instead of trusting in the Lord.
We are now told to believe in him, as we know his Word.

Ephesians 2:8 and 9, but Grace, through faith, a gift
We are his workmanship, he will our lives lift.

“All who come to me, I’ll raise up on the last day.”
Declare what God has said, those who believe will stay.

We can’t produce the love of God, we can only preach the word.
We are tempted by the world, God Spirit strengthens what we’ve heard.

Faith and repentance, always go together
Humble before the Word of God, where there is faith there is repentance, that is better.

Proverbs 9:6, forsake fully, turn around
Lord teach me to forsake my sin and walk on solid ground.

How do I live a life, pleasing to the Lord?

Live in the Word, Confess. He will be adored.

Christ can forgive us, because he died for me.
We’ll fail if we hide our sin, If we confess we’ll be set free.

Forsaking our sin, incredibly hard
Our sins and lust control us, we need Christ to be our guard.

Do you believe victory over sin is real?
Faith forsakes sin, does not let it our life steal.

Isaiah 55:6 and 7, forsake sin and turn away.
God will have compassion and forgive your sins today.

People hear the message, “You are damned to death and hell.”
And keep walking in their way, say they believe, and all is well.

True faith will run from sin, by repentance run to Christ
This will bring change, live for him with all their life.

We’re to mourn over sin, not just to rejoice.
It’s not an emotional decision, saved by God’s first choice.

! Grace Church, Medina East Campus – Sunday, 2022-12-18
Kevin Poest
Matthew 2

King of the mountain, rise up and push down.
Play the game as adults, after we are grown.

More than a fairy tale. Facts and prophecy.
He came unexpected, unexpected humility.

King of the mountain, the baby and the king.
This battle goes on, in our lives it does ring.

Herod was appointed, as a king sent from Rome.
He obsessed, killed his family. All to keep his throne.

Next we meet the Maji, educated and wise.
To help the king was their role, Daniel was a Magi.

You are king Herod, killed your sons and wife.
Magii looking for the king, born to this life.

Asked where he was born, when the star appeared.
God warns the Magi. They then disappeared.

Herod killed the boys, to protect his throne.
Caused those in Bethlehem to have a great moan.

Why did he do it? Was Jesus really a threat?
Jesus declared a king, by the magi and prophets.

How will you choose to respond, to the arrival of the king?
Is he a threat to your kingdom, or one of whom to sing?

We can choose to resist him, push him out of our lives.
We can try to soften him, “a good person who tried.”

We can submit to him, have him as our king.
At least in part, but we want to hold on to that one little thing.

Jesus at the top of the mountain, but service is why he came.
Now he’s exalted, he calls us to the same.

What version of Jesus, do you celebrate at Christmas?
The baby, the grownup, or the king that he is?

! Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-12-25
Pastor Dean Good
Christmas Service

Jesus come, he’s born the king
But reigning not yet on earth.
He’s never reigned from birth till now
So why was he king from birth?

Six reasons we call Jesus king
First, prophesied to be
One would come, reverse the curse
a deliverer we’d see.

First prophecy in Genesis.
One would the snake’s head crush.
The following prophecies unfold
from an acorn to a tree that’s lush.

Looking at the prophecy of Balaam
he was called to curse.
God took his mouth to point to Christ
A star from Jacob , a scepter from Israel by verse.

This ruler would crush the enemies of Israel
perform valiantly with this king
Genesis 49, Judah would rule
till from Shiloh this king would ring

David points to this king
Victory over Moab had
Points to the king, who would reign
Over all the earth, over every land.

Second reason called a king,
declared to be one at his birth.
The angel to Mary proclaimed
Her son would be the king of endless worth.

Reign over Jacob forever
his kingdom have no end.
This still not seen, this reigning king
Again this king will send.

Third reason that he’s called a king
Identified himself at his trial
“My kingdom is not of this world”
For this was born and walked this mile.

Forth reason that we call him king
demonstrated at resurrection and ascension
Peter’s sermon in Acts 2
asked the people to pay attention.

Him whom you have killed, God raised to life
David pointed to this truth
Now exalted to the right hand of God
Ascended to God, this gives the proof.

Now waiting in heaven for that day
He’ll reign upon the earth.
The Lord will stretch his scepter first,
Jesus king from birth.

The disciples ask, “Is now the time
the kingdom to restore?”
Now’s not the time, but power will come
when after my resurrection you adore.

The nations still in an uproar.
Raging against the Lord
While Christ does reign in believer’s hearts
His reign still has something more.

The fifth reason we call him king
In the book of Revelation
The kingdom of this world will be
The kingdom of Christ, with grace, peace and restoration.

Peace between nations, no more war
He will be king alone.
Revelation 19, the kingdoms fall
before King of kings and Lord of Lords.

The sixth reason we call him king
He will be king eternal
The curse is gone, the kingdom come
He is king eternal

He is a gracious king
He laid his own life down
Not only for his people
but for those who are against his crown.

While many kings use a lion
our king chose a lamb.
He gives all life and blessing.
All this in our king’s hand.

He calls us to repent.
This a command, not a suggestion.
His grace goes out into the world.
Fear God and give him glory and devotion.

I am behind on typing my notes. These are being posted (backdated) on 2023-03-01).

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