Called to go, Willing to stay: A Blessing Counting Journal (12)

  1. Parental blessing (b)

Let the Little Children Come! (Matthew 19:14)

Okay, back to the times of house repair. I am grateful God has allowed me to see more of His preparations from years ago for the heart work for His eternal glory. The trip to China confirmed His unchanging love and perfect timing in everything and every season in our life. Since I didn’t have a set time or place to study God’s Word during the house construction, I did my Bible study whenever I could, in front of the kids. It was not my favorite way of studying the Bible. But the Lord not only knows my season in life but orchestrates it. He always provided what I needed to hear and met me where I was. It could be just one verse, one hymn or a radio program, which was sufficient for my day.

My four year old then could see my genuine need to spend time with the Lord. Not only did he learn to have some quiet time together with me, but he also wanted to read his own children’s Bible and took notes like I did. Whenever I think about this, my heart is warmed by God’s grace. Our kids don’t need us to put them first but they do need to see Who (the Ultimate higher authority) we are under and worshipping. God used my children to challenge me to worship Him at all times and see life as an adventure with my Lord.

It takes creativity and open mind to grow life in the midst of house repair. 🙂

Due to the lack of quiet time or space, I started listening to an audio Bible and prayed more diligently for more creative ways to study God’s Word. He is always there! I am still benefiting from those spiritual muscles developed over those days. Another good habit started then was to sing the old hymns. My son (E.) got me started by singing “Trust and Obey” around the house cheerfully. Since I never grew up with hymns, I was eager to find the Chinese version and still sing it quite often. I sing whenever I feel my faith is weak, while doing dishes, changing diapers, rocking a baby to sleep, …; or I sing when my heart is filled with gratitude and joy only God gives. Kids love it too! As I sing along with them, my heart is still being transformed. What a valuable tool the Lord has graciously interwoven into our fabric of life!

Therefore, how I respond to our unexpected life circumstances, how I choose to follow the Spirit rather than my flesh, how I resort to God’s Word for numerous decisions, and how I seek forgiveness and reconciliation when I fail, will teach my boys much more than my words. The old cliche it-is-what-is-caught-not-taught really works in day-by-day parenting or homeschooling. Lord, help me to fulfill what you have planned and walk worthy of your call as a mom!

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