The Good News

“In the beginning God created….” Genesis 1:1 With these words, the grand story of adventure, romance, comedy, tears, life and death begins. We were created to find our deepest joy, fulfillment and purpose in knowing our Creator. Yet, there is always something getting in the way, blinding our eyes, deafening our ears and keeping us fromContinue reading “The Good News”

Enjoy free books, movies, toys, events and more… Check out the Library!

Do you or your kids like to read watch movies or listen to music play with games and toys have events for all ages take care of office work such as print, fax and scan even do any of the preceding in a language other than English? or can’t get out of the house andContinue reading “Enjoy free books, movies, toys, events and more… Check out the Library!”

I am…

When thinking of the ideal you, the you that you would like to be, how would you complete the sentence, “I am…”? (I am successful! I am a leader! I am generous!, etc.) This question was recently brought up to Elyse and me and her answer was very thoughtful and thought provoking.

Our Tower Garden Experience

Contact us or visit the Tower Garden website to learn more about our experience or growing your own Tower Garden! Providing us with extremely local, chemical free and just picked greens (of many sorts), tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers,  herbs & flowers all spring, summer and fall, and….   … through the winter, too! FUN – We have had aContinue reading “Our Tower Garden Experience”

From China to America – The Adventure Continues

“After 10 years in China, this may be our last Gazette before starting our first home leave on July 14. We are certain God has led us to return to the States at this time and are excited to see His provision. At the same time, our path is filled with uncertainty. Though it will be difficultContinue reading “From China to America – The Adventure Continues”