Quiz: Should a fresh egg float or sink?

Answer: The Bad Egg will Rise Up and Shell Itself

Elijah and I learned an egg-citing new trick from Elyse today: How to find an old egg (before it’s too late!)

  1. Take the eggs you want to cook and put them in water so that they are submerged.
  2. Do they float, or do they sink?
    1. They should sink. If they float to the surface, you may want to consider passing on that omelet.
    2. Those from the same batch that sink will likely be very easy to peel.

Disclaimer: A sinking egg may have other issues, but it is fresh.


  • Fresh eggs have very little (if any) air in the shell.
  • As they age, air gets through the shell into the egg.
  • A floating egg indicates an old egg to the point that enough air has entered in to allow it to float.
  • The other eggs from the same batch, may not havequite enough air to float, but likely have enough to loosen the shell and make them easy to peel.
    • The easier an egg is to peel, the older it likely is.
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