The Good News

“In the beginning God created….” Genesis 1:1

With these words, the grand story of adventure, romance, comedy, tears, life and death begins. We were created to find our deepest joy, fulfillment and purpose in knowing our Creator. Yet, there is always something getting in the way, blinding our eyes, deafening our ears and keeping us from this grand adventure.

Elyse and I put this slide show together using the words of God’s book to us as part of our own devotional study time, to highlight how God views our lives and how he has come to clear the way for us to come to him!

To view the presentation:

  1. Click on the presentation in the language you want (English or Chinese).
  2. Keep clicking on the presentation to go through the slides.


  1. Click fairly quickly, otherwise the presentation may seem too long.
  2. Have some soft instrumental music playing in the background.


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