Elyse & Rob’s Story (Engagement Newsletter 2006)

Elyse and I had our wedding on July 23, 2006. This letter looked back at how we met and our friendship deepened. It was our official announcement of our engagement as well as the invitation to our wedding.

Download our story of our friendship, engagement and wedding invitation.

Cultural Note: While our wedding was on July 23, 2006, we were actually married on June 16, 2006. This was when we went to Nanjing to sign the papers and were legally married. Though we were legally married at this time, we did not begin our lives together until after our wedding ceremony to make our vows before God and friends. While this is common in China, it is not common in the U.S. It did help us to better understand the situation of Mary and Joseph at the time when Jesus was born. They were “betrothed”, which as far as I can tell, is very similar to our arrangement during that time.

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