From China to America – The Adventure Continues

“After 10 years in China, this may be our last Gazette before starting our first home leave on July 14. We are certain God has led us to return to the States at this time and are excited to see His provision. At the same time, our path is filled with uncertainty. Though it will be difficult to fully convey our hopes and concerns, this letter will attempt to catch the direction we are heading and our thoughts behind it. We would enjoy talking with you to better express our thoughts & hearts.” (Read the full Newsletter)

Thus began our last newsletter before returning to the U.S. in July of 2010.

How to receive our future updates
As of January 2015, updates will now be posted on this blog. Enter your email address into the “Subscribe” area below to receive our updates via e-mail when there is a new post.

We are excited to be back in contact and to share the amazing ways God has been working.

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