Rise of the Entrepreneur

Since you are here, I trust something in the “The Rise of the Entrepreneur” stirred your curiosity for what this could mean for you or what we are doing. (If you haven’t watched the movie, you can see the preview at www.risemovie.com/robgoll, and ask us about viewing the full documentary.)

If there was an opportunity to enhance your own and others lives for generations to come with better health, healthier finances, personal growth & meaningful relationships, would you be interested in learning more?

Feel free to contact us! Our family is passionate about this message that has changed our lives and helping others spread the word and explore what is best for them.  We would be happy to talk with you and help you get the tools you need to explore what is best for you!

What are people’s greatest needs?

What are people’s greatest needs?

(To get some ideas, think of the most common prayer requests, New Year’s resolutions, or “I need to…” statements, etc.)

Mission Driven!

People sometimes ask if our company is product driven or business driven. The answer is that we are MISSION DRIVEN!

We are driven to pass along what was gifted to us and was active in saving my dad’s life, having the healthiest pregnancies and babies the doctor & midwife have seen and enhancing our entire family’s lives in many ways.

The fact is, our bodies were created to know what to do for optimal health, energy, etc. when they are given what they were created for: water, sleep, exercise and whole foods.

We have the joy of simply providing education to people about ways they can have a wide variety of high quality, inexpensive whole foods. This is something everyone needs and it has been amazing seeing the ways people’s lives are enhanced when they make this one simple change to get the food their bodies need.

Our job is not to talk people into doing anything, but simply to share this life changing message, so that everyone has the opportunity to make a decision.

Meeting others needs

As I have thought about it, people’s greatest needs seem to fit into a few categories: health, finances, purpose, growth & relationship. Does what you thought of above fit into these categories? (If you have another, I would truly love to hear it.)

It is wonderful having the opportunity to invest in lives and build relationships by simply sharing a message that meets other’s needs.

Health – The real joy is seeing the impact on people’s lives and hearing their excitement to be able to really live again! However it is great to have many health professionals teaming with us to share this message due to the over 30 studies on the whole food concentrates Juice Plus and Juice Plus Complete from universities such as Yale, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, MD Anderson Cancer Center, etc. and published in leading medical journals such as Journal of Pediatrics and Journal of the American College of Cardiology providing the science and support to know that people’s health & habits are being changed. A study from the University of Mississippi “Ole Miss”, showed that the Tower Gardens grew more, faster and as nutritious as food grown in ideal soil conditions, helping people grow their own foods at home with 10% of the water and space.

Finances – People all have their own goals in this area, from extra spending money, to quitting their current job to be with family, to being able to give with greater generosity. It has been exciting seeing people meeting their goals with the Juice Plus Virtual Franchise then learning to dream again!

Growth – This is as much or more about growth as a person as it is about health and finances. This has been, and continues to be, a huge blessing in our lives. At the same time, there is incredible growth in leading a healthy lifestyle and virtually unlimited room for financial growth.

Relationship – This is a team effort. While people can do as much or as little as they like, there is an excited and caring team to walk with and build lifelong friendships.

Purpose – With the ability to really impact lives for health, appearances, finances, and personal growth, etc. there is great purpose in joining with others to share this life changing message.

Our Story

This chapter in our lives started in 2001 when my dad was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage 4 and leukemia, and at the same time my mom was diagnosed with bone loss as well as having arthritis and IBS. Our prayer at that time was for healing and wisdom. To hear their story of how God gave wisdom and directed their steps to not only see both of their full recovery without treatments, but to be able to share this message and see many benefit from their experience.

Here is their story: (Ask us about how this continued into the lives of Elyse and the boys and myself.)

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