Rhyming Sermon Notes: 2023 February

Whether just for my self, or my family, too.
Rhyming notes helps me focus, and then helps us review.

If they bring you a blessing, a meaningful read.
I pray that by Jesus, your spirit is freed.

A free man in Christ, and his bond servant, too.
By His grace, as his child, is our spirit made new!

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Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2023-02-05
Chris Pierre
Exodus 1: ?-?

Shrewd dealing with the covenant people
From fear that they may go
Confront with worldly wisdom
not God’s effectual wisdom they did show

The world cannot know God,
and the blessings which from him come.
So they seek to curtail God’s blessing to his people
keep them from multiplying, to kill their sons.

The world wants to declare God’s people
to be cursed and stopped and dead.
They stand against God’s anointed
We need discernment and not dread.

If you are in God’s covenant people
You are blessed, alive.
The Egyptians and the world, want to control God people
not acknowledge that under the control of God they abide.

This all contrary to God’s Word
that they would leave supplied.
We need to live by God’s word
to rest and in him hide.

Continuing in Psalm 2, we see the folly of the world.
They want to break control from him
The attempts to control God’s people, is to control God
God laughs at their folly and their sin.

We should not be surprised
when the world tries to confront, curtail, control
They never can confront your God
Though in his plans they play their role

Run to God as your refuge
and he will surely care
He will bring you up and out
all his blessings share

Your job is not to save America
but to point to Jesus Christ.
The world takes action against the Savior
with attacks and pressure, deceive and heist.

The sons of Israel oppressed with hard labor
as a way to oppose God’s plan
But God had planned this all before.
It was all in his powerful hand.

The plan was to knock them down.
But instead they built the cities, and took the blow
This oppression was the precursor
Their freedom was coming, this they did know.

Christ has overcome the world.
As we look to him our faith is grown.
He gives us every spiritual blessing.
In him true life is shown.

They used violence against God’s people.
Violence is a tool of the world.
We see it all through history
And God judges, his power unfurled.

We don’t respond with violence
but turn to Christ in faith
Even if we suffer and die
We trust in what God saith.

The bitterness with hard labor
The world brings trouble, lies and pain.
But God gives strength and blessings.
He is with us in the shadow, his presence we obtain.

! Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2023-02-05
Pastor Dean Good

Keep on Rejoicing, Glorify God,
Entrust your soul to Him
We will be attacked and slandered by the world
and tempted into sin.

Our temptation when bad things come,
to question God’s goodness to us.
There is no darkness in him.
His ways and character we can trust.

We may not understand
how his good plans all play out.
But I can trust that he is good
of this I need not doubt.

Entrust your soul to a faithful Creator
And in him rejoice
If the righteous is hard to save
What becomes of the sinner by choice.

The righteous may suffer here
This world with evil filled
But how much more the sinner
their soul is dead and killed.

When we entrust our souls
It’s because we trust God in truth.
We also fear the Lord
He judges sin as proof.

This all lends to thankfulness
to what the Lord has done.
Judgment begins with the house of God
Foundation, ___, Application of his rod.

The foundation of this principle
God is a God of love.
The judgment and law of God
Reflect his love from above.

He is righteous and perfect
His judgments always just.
He calls us to be righteous.
To obey him without a fuss.

He is a God of judgment.
He has made this clear.
God will judge the wicked.
Our purpose to obey and fear.

Christ was judged on the cross for our sins
Undoing the work of Satan, sin and death.
A substitute a spotless lamb
He placed my sin on him, for his final breath.

Galatians 3 verse 10,
the works of law under a curse
None have done a good job
He was cursed on a tree, out substitute, he took it worst.

Romans chapter 5
we have peace with God
Our feelings go up and down
but we are saved from his wrath and judgment rod.

Our sins are taken away
as far as east and west
Christ has given peace
He has given rest.

Judgment begins with the house of God
God calls his people “be holy to me”
We are not our own
Sin brings judgment, but he sets us free.

When God’s people worshiped in their own way
apart from what God prescribed
God will be treated as holy
when they sinned, he judged and they died.

God receives sinners
who come with weeping and tears
God used far more wicked nations
to judge his people for years.

Those who belong to God
Have an obligation to be holy to him
We picture a grandfather God
He is holy and good and judges sin.

When we take the name of Christ.
We become a slave to him.
We become an ambassador.
We become a temple, holy from sin.

The purpose of the cross
not just a ticket to heaven.
But that we would trust and obey
pure and holy ______

God will chasten the son he loves
Uses trials to set our affections on him.
Christ judges his church
Root out those who are not his, but live for sin.

God is exceedingly patient with his children
and gracious with the humble.
Entrust your soul to him.
He’ll carry you when you stumble.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2023-02-08
Psalm 149 (Series: Psalms)

Fourth of Five “Hallelujah Psalms”
Focused on Yahweh as King.
All opposition will cease with his reign
As all his people sing.

One through five or one through four.
Can be divided either way.
One through five praises from his people
live for him new each day.

We worship in spirit and truth
with renewed passion and praise.
God called sinners to belong to him.
Why did he choose me to raise?

We may have joy when promoted in this world
But this joy is fading and dead.
Praise with dancing and music
As many through Scripture have said.

Dancing also associated with paganism.
Worship must have praise and self control.
The Lord takes pleasure in His people
and will beautify and save their soul.

God is patient, long suffering
Using pagan nations to humble and bring his people back
“The Lord” here is “Yeshua”
pointing to Christ, through all scripture on track

The praise of God’s people for eschatological deliverance
Working while holding a sword
In Nehemiah praise on the way to the battle
knowing the result based on his Word.

Our battle not against flesh and blood
but in the spiritual world
Anything that stands against Christ
will fall and be bound at his word.

We can praise with an upright heart.
As he purifies us from sin.
If you don’t know this king
Repent and for eternity sing.

! Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2023-02-12
Chris Pierre
Exodus 1:15-22

The people came, known by God, welcomed by the Egyptians
Blessed, conceived, their numbers grew by many multiplications.

The people now a real concern. The Egyptians with fear and dread.
The people cursed, work them hard, do whatever they said.

The hard labor didn’t work, the people continued to grow.
The Pharaoh has another plan to murder them, not to let them sew.

We do not live by the word of man, but by the Word of God.
Possible or impossible, irrelevant when under his rod.

Believe God’s promise, he will fulfill as unlikely as it may seem.
God had promised to Abraham, the fulfillment would soon be seen.

Man declared righteous, by faith from God a gift.
We must believe, trust in him, in his time our soul will lift.

From death to life, we will pass, when we look to him, believe.
God loved the world, so gave his Son, that we may life receive.

The wisdom of the world, against God’s sovereign plan
God has blessed, the world has cursed, to murder not just ban.

What’s the plan? How will it be done? The midwives now are called.
A daughter – live, A son – destroy. By this have their numbers fall.

The kings of the world, then and today, their call it has not changed.
The call is hidden. Only a few knew. This plan was all deranged.

The call was given within the clan, within God’s  people given.
This deadly call, attack from within, stop the men of war from living.

A hidden call. A deadly call. First against the men.
We see that in the world today, against the men again.

This call of Pharaoh a testing call, what would the midwives do?
Would they live for the world, or be separate and stay true?

“Live by the world, all will go well”, this lie is often told.
“Just listen to the Pharaoh and all will go well.” Be Bold!

The call of worldly wisdom, will come to test deceive.
This may come from within the church, makes it easy to receive.

Jude 12 speaks of the deceit within, that would lead us to sin.
Keep yourself in the Word of God, with his call begin.

The Godly call of the midwives, to live for God and not the world
This open call, not hidden, clear, proclaimed so all have heard.

Living with the fear of God, obey all his commands.
Receive, obey, Do what is said. On his word take a stand.

A living call, for life not death. Let the Hebrews live.
Love God? Love life. The world? Love death. Our love a result will give.

God’s call is a proving call, not “testing” like the world.
It showed their faith in God. Lived by fear of God, what they heard.

God commended them for their faith, gave them children of their own
By this their homes established, by trusting God, they built their home.

Then Pharaoh called to all the world, not in secret to a few alone.
They were all to kill the children, there was no safe place to go.

This was a genocidal call, throw them in the Nile.
You won’t have to hear their cries, Satan worship in this style.

Satan will end up being thrown into the lake of fire.
Do not live for the world’s plans, live only by God’s power.

This is a devouring call, to assimilate God’s children.
Jesus will protect us, all life is from him given.

! Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2023-02-12
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:17-19 – Judgement begins with the house of God

Entrust your souls to God, in afflictions great and small.
Pray God’s will not mine, and trust him, follow his call.

Judgment begins with the household of God, with difficulty the righteous saved.
But at the end the way is easy, the burden is light, we trust him and our souls crave.

We trust him for he is good. We trust him because of fear.
The true and living God, saved from hell and meaninglessness here.

We entrust our souls to a faithful Creator, On Christ our judgment fell.
Four points to explain that judgment begins, on the house of God it fell.

1. God will judge his own people before he judges the world.
2. God will purify the believer.
3. God will purify the local church
4. God will purify the universal church

God will judge his own people before he judges the world.
He comes and fills his people. Like the temple filled.

You are now filled with the Spirit, an ambassador and slave of Christ.
He is committed to purity, for purity he paid a high price.

God had promised through the prophets, the judgment for sin would come.
Ezekiel 9 in a vision, Israel’s leaders were worshiping the sun.

They thought the Lord did not see them, as they worshiped Satan, other Gods.
They did it there in the temple, Abominations will be struck with the rod.

God called the executioners of the city
Start in the sanctuary, be clean.
The presence left the temple
and stays like that until Christ is seen.

If you are a child of God, holy you must be.
Know and follow the Word of God or judgment you will see.

God died to make you holy, that you may love him, what is true.
He will judge the sin of the believer, though his wrath is not for y ou.

God is extremely patient, though he chastises his son with love.
God alone is holy, he makes us holy as we submit to him above.

I thank the Lord for his discipline, he does if for our good.
We need to purify ourselves, follow him as we should.

The sooner we learn to obey, the easier life will be.
Don’t set our eyes on the things of the world, seek him alone to see.

Do not be bound with unbelievers, we are the temple, God with us.
Cleanse ourselves, in action and mind, our thoughts need be of trust.

Search me Oh God and know me. Lead me to righteousness.
Cleans me of my internal sin, give me a heart of trust.

If you are an unbeliever. God may give you what you seek.
You may have money, success, this will destroy your life, make it bleak.

If any one defiles the temple of God. God, he will destroy.
We see this with Ananias, Saphirah. They lied, put on a ploy.

Peter said “Annanias, how has Satan filled your soul?”
His wife did the same, they both fell dead. Sin had taken it’s toll.

Pride and reputation, seeking glory from men.
This brought the cost of death. Did it once and then again.

When taking the cup of the Lord, we must judge ourselves in truth.
Not taking it unworthily, resulting in sickness and death as proof.

God is committed to the purity of his people, sin must be removed.
If believers are living in sin, They need to repent or by the church be moved.

Many in the church, hypocrites through and through.
They may know that their living for self, the wicked he will remove.

Every secret thing will come to light, the darkness will be known.
The book of Jude shows the church at the end, the leaders lead astray, away from God’s throne.

The church leaders live for the flesh, pointing to God’s grace.
God saved his people from Egypt, then they died as they didn’t have faith.

Jesus judges his church, before judging the world.
There are those in the church, who are living for self and the world.

Is your name in the book of life? Would you rather have discipline over sin?
Lord, help us to be faithful to you. May your life in me begin.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2023-02-15
Kevin Williamson

Psalm 150(Series: Psalms)
Note: Started teaching through the Psalms on March 2019

Psalm 1, six verses long, meditate on His word.
Psalm 150, also six verses, always praising the Lord.

Where, Why, How and Who, should we praise the Lord?
In his sanctuary, in his presence to adore.

A sanctuary in scripture, both physical and place of rest.
Also in heaven, the Lord himself, the very best.

The veil is rent in two, so we can enter in.
To dwell with the Savior, as he cleanses us from sin.

Praise him in the firmament, from the sanctuary to the heavens.
Praise him for his mighty acts, creation and all else.

Praise him for who he is
for his excellent greatness.

How to praise the Lord, with trumpet, a loud call to praise.
a lute and a harp, a delicate, gentle sound to raise.

Praise him with timbrel and dancing, Miriam also called to praise.
Praise with strings, and pipes and cymbals, call to our voices raise.

Who should praise the Lord? Everything that has breath.
If we don’t praise the Lord, even the rocks will praise from death.

! Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2023-02-19
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:17-19

We live in a fallen world,
all subject to the pain of sin.
Though this life may have good things,
in the end we die, though believers win.

The unbeliever often suffers for sin.
The believer for righteousness.
We’re called to suffer as we follow Christ
with our eyes on his gloriousness.

Judgment begins with the household of God
He purifies his own
It is through difficulty that the righteous are saved
Jesus came down. He now sits on his throne.

Jesus took God’s wrath,
the punishment for my sin.
Judgment begins with the household of God
to purify his children again.

He is committed to holiness
His children’s purity.
Judgment begins in the household of God
from sin to set us free.

Entrust your souls to God
We can, we should, we must.
Entrust our souls to a faithful Creator
to put on him our trust.

We tend to think of afflictions
in the same way as the world.
1. We need to know our afflictions
come from God, from him unfurled.

They are not accidental
he does not need to explain.
God is God, he does what he does.
We can trust him in joy and pain.

We tend to blame others
or situations as they come
We need to know its all from him
Given with love, from Christ the Son.

2. The afflictions are beneficial
Given from God in love.
The purify his people
a gift from God above.

We are born to a living hope
the joys come after death
We tend to be distracted
We waste our time, energy, breath.

Lusts are our desires.
They naturally come to us.
They more we have, the more we want.
We’re our own enemy in thus.

God breaks our lusts through affliction.
He takes things away, or brings us pain.
It’s in the deep difficulty
that our eternal focus, he does train.

We put our joy, our hope on people,
a business, money, things.
If it all disappeared tomorrow
Would you his praises sing?

Romans 5 verse 1, justified by faith
Peace with God through Jesus Christ
Exalt in Glory and tribulation
Our hope only laid on Christ.

“Hope” is not wishful thinking
setting our affections on his certainty.
Testing produces endurance.
The benefits of afflictions we will see.

3. Our afflictions are evidence of our sonship
That he judges, helps us grow.
Unlike the afflictions of the world
They come when we live for Christ and show.

In all of our afflictions
a godly response is evidence,
is confirmation we’re born again
trusting him in all circumstance.

Hebrews chapter 12
with endurance run.
Like Christ kept his eyes on the throne of God
Keep our eyes on the Son.

4. Our afflictions are just
brought from a holy God.
Our sufferings in this life
fall far short of what we should have from his rod.

We deserve far worse,
so receive his judgment with praise.
Knowing that the judgment is worse
for those who unfaithfulness raise.

You were headed to hell
he redeemed you from the pit
he restores your youth
and gives you all, you need to with him sit.

He’s removed your sins
as far as the east from the west.
We complain in trial
as we don’t see our sin and just want blessed.

5. Our afflictions are light
with eternal destruction we can compare.
When Jesus’ revealed from heaven
every eye will at him stare.

The day of judgment comes
it’s horror, and it is real.
It matters what God said
not only what you feel.

When we know that we are saved
we can rejoice through our pain.
We can learn and grow through affliction
It changes our perspective, keeps us sane.

! Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2023-02-26
Dave Howard
Exodus 2:5-10

The Lord hears the cries of his children.
the deliverer already prepared.
His plans are good and cannot be changed.
His people need not to be scared.

Jochebed, “Yahweh is glorious”
Amram, sees the baby needs saved.
The times drawing near, 400 years to an end
Follow the Lord in this world that’s depraved.

90% of God’s will
is given clearly in God’s Word.
We don’t need to wait for revelation
to know what to do, if we’ve heard.

Jachabed releases her baby
trusting his life to the Lord.
Trusting the sovereignty and power of God
Holding on to his Word.

Pharaoh’s daughter different than Pharoah.
Has compassion on the child to save.
The pharaoh is wicked and calloused
No one is safe when the ruler is depraved.

When the plagues are afflicting Egyptians
he stays stubborn and doesn’t relent
A river of blood, thank East Palestine,
he is hardened when the deliverer is sent.

Why did Jachabed place the basket there?
Know of the princess or him to hide?
The princess sees the baby, has compassion
After the baby has cried.

The Lord used unlikely situations
to undermine the plotting of men
Genesis 11:7 to 9
at Babel confusing them again.

1 Corinthians 1:27
God chooses weak over strong
To Egyptians the Nile considered sacred
so the princess cam down with her throng

They put their faith in the Nile
God chose it first to strike down.
God is the strong deliverer
He’s the reigning king with the crown.

Miriam offers to help her
find a Hebrew to nurse him to health.
Then Moses keps with his mother
with the protection of the king and his wealth.

God blesses his people
When they live faithful to him
God blesses Jochebed, Moses’ mother
has her baby and payments begin.

Jachabed meets the princess
given Moses and wages as well
able to openly care for the child
at her home even  as other children fell.

Moses trained in the people of God.
Connected with God’s family
The first four or more years of his life
This came back when the oppression he did see.

Jachabed finally brings him to Pharaoh’s daughter
Giving him over to the pagan world.
Physical danger as a baby.
Spiritual dangers now starting to swirl.

Eighty years later Moses still knew his brother
when they met when Moses came back.
It seems he grew up with his family
of his training, his mother was not slack.

Our culture has degraded motherhood
at the cost of children’s training and growth.
The princess gives Moses his name,
Egyptian and Hebrew cultures, he had both.

Moses, “drawn out” in Hebrew.
Moses, “son” in Egyptian his name
He straddled two cultures for all of his life
His choice when he’s older the same.

Exodus 12:38
“A mixed multitude” from Egypt went out
Hebrews along with Egyptians
Left Egypt with quite a shout.

We need to be faithful for his sake.
Not looking for fortune and fame
trusting him to take care of it all
He every day is the same.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2023-02-26
Kevin Williamson (Dean away)
Romans 12:1-2

Three years ago C19 came
shut the whole world down.
Then riots burning cities
depression rising all the same

The culture going woke around us
history moving faster
Christian living 101
Live with him to last here

A basis for the appeal
Our body a living sacrifice
Quality, Strategy, result

Romans 1-11
Doctrine “mercies of God”
Sin abounded, Grace much more
Living sacrifices we are to God

Present yourselves to the Lord
your body a sacrifice
Waiting for his redemption
of our body when he comes twice.

“Living” sacrifice
continuing, not one time
our flesh says “no”, and wants to quit
We must give our best, not just “fine”

The condition of the heart
Obey over sacrifice
A broken and contrite heart
our reasonable service

We need to be made alive.
not living by the world’s systems.
The systems promote Satan’s plans
from before the flood back then.

Before the flood, then Daniel
all bow to the statue or die
Today the pressure to conform
political, economic… or die.

Environmental Social Governance
Gay agenda, Morningstar
Social Credit scores reward/shutdown
Conform or cancel, the day of the Lord not far!

The tribulation coming
get the mark or don’t buy and sell
Do not be conformed to this world
It’s leading us to hell.

But be transformed by the renewing of your mind
a living sacrifice.
A battle being waged for your heart and mind
Fill your mind with the Word, have peace.

The result of the appeal
Able to approve the will of God
90% in God’s Word
the rest will come as we submit to his rod.

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