Family Bible Study

This monthly Bible Study changes along with our family and other situations. Two things that have remained the same are:

  • We study the Bible. We are reading through and discussing the Bible, not just books about the Bible or based on the Bible.
  • The children are included along with the adults. This has impacted the form of the study, from alternating between reading a section and then a short activity, etc. when the children were younger, to teaching homiletics as the children are getting older.

As well as joining us for a small group Bible Study at our home, we welcome you to join us for an in-depth Bible Study at Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) or to join us at Church.

Both BSF and great Bible teaching churches are available all over the world!

If you would be interested in learning more, please let us know.

Read all posts about Bible Study opportunities focusing on those we are involved in.

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